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what our customers say

A lady name MIA happy with the soaps of Lard and Ashes


"I tried Lard & Ashes for the first time and I couldn't stop smelling the handmade soap. I was looking for a Vegan soap bar and I wasn't disappointed. This soap really cleans your skin and you can tell the difference. Knowing that it was Cruelty-Free made it even better. Thanks!"

A man with smiling face


"Wonderful fragrances, natural ingredients. I am very happy with the quality of Lard & Ashes' natural handmade soap and service. Arrived in exceptional condition in a timely manner. I will definitely order again soon."

A Lard and Ashes Customer With Happy Mood

dani daniels

"I order the oatmeal goat milk and honey bar soap. Let me tell you what a surprise to see all natural ingredients inside the soap.(literally see the oats). They weren't lying about natural ingredients and the aroma is just amazing! You can't find it in stores. Keep up the good work!"

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