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After Dark Soap Bar (Universal Bar)

After Dark Soap Bar (Universal Bar)

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Lard & Ashes - After Dark Soap Bar

Transform your bathing routine into a refreshing experience that goes beyond ordinary cleansing. Our After Dark handcrafted soap is designed to make your skin feel loved, rejuvenated, and soft.

What's included?

- Exquisite Ingredients:
Made with a thoughtfully curated blend of Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Shea Butter, our After Dark Soap Bar pampers your skin with natural goodness. 

- Activated Charcoal Magic:
Unveil your skin's radiance with the power of activated charcoal. This luxurious black bar, resembling coal, offers gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin feeling renewed. 

- Vegan Inspired:
Compassionate skincare at its best! After Dark Soap Bar is completely vegan, ensuring your beauty routine aligns with your values. 

- Refreshing & Soothing:
With its soothing fragrance, this bar transforms your evening routine into an indulgent self-care session, preparing you for a peaceful night's sleep. 

- Hydration Booster:
Our handcrafted soap is a moisture-locking masterpiece. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourished, making it an essential part of your daily skincare regimen.

- Squared for Comfort:
Designed in a convenient square shape, this soap fits perfectly in your hand, making each use a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Why Choose After Dark Soap Bar? 

- Unveil Your Skin's Best:
Say goodbye to dull skin as the activated charcoal gently exfoliates, revealing your natural glow. 

- Nourish While You Cleanse:
Packed with natural oils and shea butter, this soap ensures your skin stays soft, supple, and moisturized. 

- Ideal for Nighttime Pampering:
Turn your nightly shower into an aromatic, indulgent treat that prepares you for a serene rest. 

- Handcrafted Elegance:
Experience the artistry of a soap carefully crafted by skilled hands, ensuring quality and luxury in every bar.

Activate your skin's potential for vitality with the power of activated charcoal and nourishing oils and leave your skin longing for more.
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