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5 Best Natural Soap Bars: Opting for a Healthier Skin and Planet

In a world where being eco-friendly and looking out for your health matter more than ever, let's talk about something you use every day: soap. It may be your regular soap or Natural Bar Soap. Most of us use it daily, but have you ever thought about what harmful stuff might be in your regular soap bars? And also know about the 5 best natural soap bars that are healthier for your skin and planet.

Understanding the Problems with Regular Soap Bars

What's Inside Traditional Soap?

What's Inside Traditional Soap

Regular soap bars usually have cheap oils, like animal fats or vegetable oils, and lye as the second important part. Water is the third thing, helping the oil and lye stick together. Sounds innocent. But wait.

The Downside of Tradition

While the basic ingredients may seem innocuous, manufacturers often introduce harmful elements such as colors, preservatives, essential oils, and fragrances. These additives, especially synthetic ones, can have severe consequences for both the environment and your health.

Bad Environmental Impact

Eutrophication and Messed-Up Ecosystems

Synthetic chemicals used for fragrances and coloring in regular soap can mess up aquatic ecosystems. This can lead to harmful algae blooms, hurting aquatic life.

Surface Tension and Aquatic Life

Putting soapy water in natural bodies of water messes with the surface tension, which is crucial for water-striding insects. Less surface tension also means less oxygen in the water, harming fish and other water buddies.

Health Troubles

Regular soap might have parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan, and other questionable stuff. These are known to be bad for your health.

Dry Skin Alert

Ever noticed your skin feeling dry after using traditional soap? It's not just a feeling—traditional soap can strip your skin of moisture and cause allergic reactions.

The Culprits: Harmful Chemicals in Soap

1. Cocamidopropyl Betaine

  • A synthetic detergent that can cause skin reactions and is bad for the environment.
  • Look out for names like CADG, Cocamidopropyl dimethyl glycine, etc.

2. Formaldehyde

  • A preservative linked to asthma, neurotoxicity, and cancer.
  • Avoid products with labels like Quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, etc.

3. Fragrances

  • Those nice smells likely come from a mix of hundreds of ingredients.
  • These can cause health risks when absorbed into your bloodstream.

4. Parabens

  • Linked to disruption in your body's hormones, cancer, and developmental issues.
  • Skip products with ingredients ending in parabens.

5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfateand Sodium Laureth Sulfate

  • Cause irritation and allergies.
  • SLES might have traces of a known cancer-causing agent, 1,4-dioxane.

6. Triclosan (TCS)

  • Triclosan, used as an antibacterial agent, it was banned in 2016 due to health risks.

Traits of a "Good" Natural Soap Bar

No Chemicals

Commercial soap bars often contain harmful chemicals, unlike natural soap bars, which avoid toxic and synthetic ingredients.

Nice Smells from Essential Oils

Organic soaps use essential oil fragrances, giving a pleasant scent with antibacterial powers.


Natural soap bars are cruelty-free, as they don't require testing on animals, thanks to their non-toxic composition.

Nourish the Skin

Made from natural ingredients like essential oils, spices, and herbs, organic soap bars can help with skin conditions like acne, eczema, and sunburn.


Natural soap bars are environmentally friendly, using biodegradable ingredients that pose no threat to aquatic life.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Organic soap bars often come in sustainable packaging, such as recyclable and compostable paper wraps, reducing their environmental impact.

Support Small Businesses

Choosing natural soap bars supports local farmers' markets and craft fairs, promoting the growth of green-minded entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Natural Soap Bars You Should Consider

Handcrafted Natural Bar Soaps | Lard and Ashes

1. Lard and Ashes Natural Organic Body Soap

  • Handmade natural soaps with natural scents and zero-waste packaging.
  • Crafted natural handmade soaps in the USA for 15+ years. Certified cruelty-free, animal test-free, sulfate-free, GMO-free, and made in the USA.

2. Oatmeal Honey and Milk Soap Bar: Universal Soap Bar

  • Oatmeal Goat milk and honey soap with botanicals balance skin pH and prevent dryness.
  • Certified cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Also, know the 17 Transformative Benefits of Milk and Honey Bar Soap For Sensitive Skin

3. Handmade Vegan Soap Bars: Natural Organic Soap

4. After Dark Soap Bar for Men

After Dark Soap bar
  • After dark soap activated charcoal bar with a fusion of olive oil, palm oil, organic coconut oil, and organic shea butter.
  • It has been tested to retain skin moisture, leave your skin feeling renewed, and help absorb excess oil, dirt, and harmful bacteria from your skin through the potent cleansing action of activated charcoal.

5. Lard and Ashes: Spa Day Soap Bar

  • Made with certified organic oils and essential oil fragrances.
  • Versatile, handcrafted vegan soap is enough for personal care, dishes, laundry, and pets.

Final Thoughts

Switching to natural soap bars is not just a trend; it's a conscious choice for a healthier and cleaner planet. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace the natural goodness of organic soaps. Your skin and the environment will thank you. Reveal your skin's love and shop nature's gift in every bar.


1. Why should I switch to natural bar soaps?

Natural bar soaps are a healthier choice for both you and the planet. They avoid harmful chemicals found in traditional soaps, offering benefits such as skin nourishment, eco-friendly ingredients, and cruelty-free practices.

2. Are there specific chemicals to watch out for in regular soap bars?

Yes, regular soap bars may contain harmful chemicals like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan, and more. These chemicals are known to be carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, causing health concerns

4. Can natural soap bars be used for different purposes?

Absolutely! Many natural soap bars, like Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap, are versatile and can be used for personal care, dishes, laundry, and even on pets. Their organic and biodegradable ingredients make them an all-around eco-friendly choice.

5. Can natural soap bars be a suitable gift?

Absolutely! Many natural soap bars come in attractive, eco-friendly packaging, making them an ideal and thoughtful gift. Lard and Ashes Vegan Natural Bar Soap even comes in a zero-waste crate, making it a perfect eco-friendly present.

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