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Rose Thorn Soap

Rose Thorn Soap

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Lard & Ashes Rose Thorn Soap Bar
Discover the wonderful benefits of Rose Thorn Soap, a bar that's packed with natural ingredients to make your bath truly special. 

As a vegan soap made entirely from natural stuff, it ensures a really nice bathing experience.

Fragrance of Roses:
Enjoy the lovely smell of roses when you use Rose Thorn Soap. Your bath will smell really nice and make you feel great.

Natural Ingredients, Special Care:
The subtle exfoliation provided by the black grains lightly scattered throughout the bar helps remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresher and more radiant complexion underneath.

Gentle Scrub for Your Skin:
Tiny black grains in the soap give a little scrub to your skin, helping to clean it and make it look brighter. 

For Women:
This soap is made especially for women. It's a luxurious addition to your skincare routine.

Elegant Gray Color:
Rose Thorn Soap looks really nice in light gray with little black specks. It's not just good for your skin, it also looks pretty in your bathroom. 

Crafted with Care:
We put a lot of effort into making Rose Thorn Soap really good. It's made with high-quality things and carefully crafted by hand. 

Pamper Yourself:
Treat yourself to a nice bath with Rose Thorn Soap. It makes your skin soft, smells great, and helps you relax. 

Elevate Your Bath Time:
Make Rose Thorn Soap part of your daily routine to make your baths even better. Get this special soap now to enjoy the benefits of nature's ingredients.

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